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PostHeaderIcon Pretty On The Outside

Whoa, whoa, whoa
So you wanna play games with my head?
But you make me fall apart, I wish that I was dead
I just can't believe I fell for such a blackened heart
You played me for a fool and used me from the start
Fuck it all, fuck it all

Well, I just want to know the truth
But the words from your heart they just cloud
All the negativity forces me down into silence
But still I can dream
I wanna know, I wanna know

If I tear you open wide, take a look inside, are you pretty?

PostHeaderIcon Begging For Mercy

Yeah, oh

Waking up with just one thing in mind
Eyes sewn shut so tear them open wide
I'm on the hunt, I'm on the prowl,
I can almost taste you now
I'm on your scent,
I'll track you down, I'm on you now

Drain your blood, watch it pour
Drain your blood, plead no more
Please forgive me,
I don't know what I'm doing
Someone help me, stop begging for your mercy
Please forgive me,
I don't know what I'm doing
Someone help me, stop begging for your mercy

Can you feel the pain?

PostHeaderIcon Dignity

So society just can't let us be
Please don't be ashamed, we are not to blame
The future's ours to take, we will make mistakes
Scream this loud and proud, we will not back down

So let's go, we'll release the pressure
And a kick can only make it better
We can't, we won't surrender
We can't, we won't surrender

We're not scared 'cause our life in danger
Reality will only make it stronger
We can't, we won't surrender
We can't, we won't surrender

So tell me where are we laying your cemetery

PostHeaderIcon Bittersweet Memories

You turn me off at the push of a button
And you pretend that I don't mean nothing

PostHeaderIcon Breaking Out, Breaking Down

We could blame, the world's forever
We could just escape together
So are we breaking out or are we breaking down?
We can't blame this world forever,
This world forever

The end will never come
There's still a mountain left to climb
But we will overcome
The hurdles placed inside our minds

So close but still so far
Each day will bring us brand new scars
What are we fighting for?
We cannot live like this no more

Cause in the fake of darkened days,
We know

We could blame, the world's forever

PostHeaderIcon Alone

No more I'm taking this hatred from you
You make me feel dead when I'm talking to you
You'll take me for granted when I'm not around
So burn all your bridges 'cause I'm not going down

This time I will be heard, I'm not gonna burn
It's funny how the table, how the table turns
You fake condemnation, you pray for salvation
'Cause your heart is made of stone, you can die and rot alone

I hope you're unhappy and hurting inside
I want you to choke when you swallow your pride
Lay in your coffin and sleep with your sins

PostHeaderIcon Pleasure And Pain

Hey, don't walk away
I'm not done with you
You're not done with me
Stop, we can't survive

PostHeaderIcon A Place Where You Belong

Your gone!
Your gone!

Your body's cold
Hope is lost, I can't let go
Can I die with you,
So we can never grow old

Cut the ties
Cut the ties
With this note you left behind
As I read the words I hear you telling me why

Too late, too late
I never said goodbye
Too late, too late
Can't even ask you why
And now I'm wasting away
In my own misery
I hope you've finally gone,
To a place where you belong

My sadness shows,
As your name is carved in stone

PostHeaderIcon The Last Fight

I don't wanna stand beside you
I'm gonna try and feel the pain
You're going through

PostHeaderIcon Fever

It's hot as hell in here
Everybody wants to lose control
The music's turned up loud
The lights, we'll turn them low

Wound up like a hurricane
And my head's about to explode
Can't wait to self destruct
Can't wait to let it go

Whoa, she hits the stage
Whoa, she makes me crave
So come and get my money

I can feel your fever taking over


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