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PostHeaderIconTell Slater Not To Wash His Dick

I've been away for every day and every fucking night.
i've seen your eyes, i've seen your eyes, i've seen your eyes.
i've been away for every day and every fucking night.
and with every city, it gets harder.

you gotta mouth like a razor-blade. it cuts so deep.
so kiss my wrists my neck and give me eternal sleep.

you say, you say, I'm only a phone call away.
but for me, this distance is decay.
so line my throat with lipstick and leave my blood for flies.
ill gurgle the blues under a sea of lies.
before you take me to sea, let me kiss the bride.
now take my body to the shore and ill wait for the tide.

i will always love you. but i need pills to sleep
i have always failed you. so throw away my memories.

so throw away my memories

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