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PostHeaderIconBullet for my Valentine тексты

PostHeaderIcon Hearts Burst Into Fire

I'm coming home
I've been gone for far too long
Do you remember me at all?

I'm leaving
Have I fucked things up again?
I'm dreaming
Too much time we'd have to spend

It hurts, wounds so sore
Now I'm torn, now I'm torn
I've been far away

When I see your face
My hearts burst into fire
Hearts burst into fire

You're not alone
I know I'm far from home
Do you remember me at all?

I'm leaving
Do you wait for me again?
I'm screaming
No more days we'd have to spend

It hurts, wounds so sore

PostHeaderIcon Eye Of The Storm

Can you hear the thunder?
Can you feel the raining force?
Melt down all your windows
That barricade the doors

Mother nature's fury
Takes you by the hand
Showing all but mercy
Wrecking death upon the land, go

Caught in the eye of the storm
Did the heaven just open and fall?
We are caught in the eye of the storm
All that's left are just bodies to mourn

Can you see the lightning?
Can you feel the winded source?
Pack up your belongings
Let chaos take control

Mother nature's fury

PostHeaderIcon Scream Aim Fire

Kill your enemies,
My brothers dead around me,
Wounds are hurting
Death is creeping for me,

PostHeaderIcon The End

PostHeaderIcon Spit You Out

PostHeaderIcon Cries In Vain

PostHeaderIcon 10 Years Today

Ten years ago, I got a call that nearly killed me
Repeat yourself, my hands are shaking
When I was told, my friend was gone I felt so guilty
A thousand questions left unanswered

I'll bleed if you want me to!
I'll serenade before I do
I'll bleed if you want me, to!

On and on although you're gone, candles burn without a flame on
Our final call to you, I know you're listening
How could you leave us that way?
Where did you go? Ten years today!

Ten years ago, I stood beside the wood that held you

PostHeaderIcon The Poison

Now, is your time to die
We've gathered here to say goodbye
No, more, you'll cry
No reason left for you to fight

Feel, pain, no more
Emotions never felt before
Where, do, we go
We go, she'll never know

Holding on to you, to keep from falling
Your eyes are closing now
Another chapter's ending

Hard, times, we always saw
There's nothing left of you no more
Fear, has, no place, no place
Cover her face

Holding on to you, to keep from falling
Your eyes are closing now

PostHeaderIcon Room 409

PostHeaderIcon All These Things I Hate (Revolve Around Me)


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